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In a flash, the bronze back of a tropy sized smallmouth bass glints in the sunlight as it arches through the air at the end of your line. The calm of the river is broken, and from around the next bend, floats the roar of approaching whitewater rapids. The fight is on.

A day on the river with New River Dories is filled with moments like this...times that capture the essence of adventure angling.

Experience the "Best fising to be found anywhere". Pound-for-poud, the smallmouth bass is the hardest fighting freshwater fish to challenge anglers. And the smallmouth of West Virginia's heartiest whitewater rivers offer some of the best catches around.

New River Dories takes fishermen off the shoreline into the rapids, behind the eddies, around the rocks and deepest pools where record-sized fish are caught!. Those few anglers who have fished the depths of waters like the New River know: the current state record for a smallmouth bass is a 7.5 pounder measuring 22.5 inches taken from the New, where more trophy smallmouth were caught last year than in any other body of water in the Mountain State.

But smallmouth bass are not the only catch on New River Dory trips. Many species thrive in the waters floated by New River Dory crews. There, on the New and Gauley Rivers, walleyes grow to enourmous size, and there is an abundance of catfish, Kentucky spotted bass, hybrid strippers, muskie, crappies, yellow perch and even the occasional largemouth bass.

The frontiersmen of New River Dories were among the first to discover the bounties of whitewater fishing in West Virginia. They were the first to bring the dory, a boat designed in the West to meet the special needs of rough water fishing to the state.

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing in the New River Gorge
New River Dories Smallmouth Bass on the New River

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