Gear & Tackle
All gear is provided except sleeping bag and tackle. Rentals for both can be arranged when you make your reservations.

We recommend spinning tackle in the six-ten pound range. Appropriate lures include rapalas, both floating and sinking, and one-eight to one-fourth ounce jigheads with No. 3 grubs of different colors and shapes. Most anglers use artificial bait, but live bait can be obtained with advance notice

Recommended personal gear inlcudes foul-weather clothing (rain jacket, etc.) change of clothing (including shoes); additional change of clothes for camp; and personal items (toothbrush, etc.). Please try to limit personal gear to 15 pounds.

New River Dories takes every precaution to insure your safety. Because of certain dangers on any river trip due to forces of nature, all risk of personal injury or damage to property must be assumed by you in writing the morning of your scheduled trip

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